Best Fountain Fireworks for Sale Online

    Fountain fireworks are made in a form of cylindrical or conical case filled with quick-burning mixture. While burning it ejects a blistering column of glimmering multicolored sparks skyward, in some cases this process is accompanied by crack and hiss.
    Depending on usage specific characters Fountain fireworks can be broken into following types:
  • Street Fountain firework – they burn with generation of smoke and odor besides they make hot sparks that is why by this reason they can be used only outdoors and don’t leave a possibility to hold such Fountain fireworks in hands. In the same time a majority of these devices can be use by amateurs. Street Fountain fireworks with not hot sparks are relevant for creation the fireworks tracks – in the process of such device burning it is permitted to approach to it at the distance of 1-2 meters.
  • Scenic or concert Fountain fireworks – they are such land based fireworks designed for indoor application that is why they don’t evolve the odor, don’t almost generate smoke and create low-temperature sparks. As a rule it is professional pyrotechnics for displaying of which special pyrotechnical skills and equipment are required.
  • Cake candles – low-temperature household fountains which are permitted to use indoors (in particular for decorating cakes and other holiday courses) and to hold in hands.
    Fountain firework is made as cylindrical case of different diameter and size stuffed with quick burning mixture which ejects flying column of sparks at particular height with various effects. All fireworks we sell on our site have images and short video-clips presenting a show created by each firework.

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