Rocket Fireworks: Best Firework for Wedding and Other Holidays

    Rocket Firework is a spectacular and interesting pyrotechnical device. Process of its use is easy enough and consists of the following steps:
  • Fascinating start;
  • Rapid takeoff followed by bright flamy tail;
  • Faery final.
    Rocket Fireworks very in effects and specific features of their application. As for the simplest option, rocket is shot up and gradually dies out turning into point of light. More complicated devices like salute form the radial sparks and stars placers in the sky accompanied by vivid sound effect.
    From constructive point of view a rocket consists of the following components:
  • The rocket motor providing a device with reactive thrust and ejecting it up at a height of 20 – 100 m, as a rule it is a case made of cardboard or plastic filled with pyrotechnical mixture;
  • Cowl designed to reduce wind resistance traditionally is made in the form of a cone;
  • Stabilizer providing a vertical position of flight direction – usually it is a wooden stick attached to a case shooting up together with a rocket and turning back after its flying off , also this function can be performed by reinforced fins.
    In some rockets a cowl and a motor are made of plastic or paper in a form of a case. To insure the safety of the rocket shot it is necessary to make provision for provide for directing device, а stick of plastic oк metall. Solid glass bottle can be used as alternative option. If you wish to buy rockets of the highest quality at acceptable price choose pyrotechnical devices in the catalogue of our internet shop.
    Ideas on rockets application:

  • Use rockets before starting the firework or shoot one rocket as a signal to center an attention of viewers on the event.
  • Usually rockets are fired one by one that allow “extending the pleasure” and enjoying visual and sound effects longer than the same number of solute installation shots.
  • Rocket fireworks can be used as a mean for child parenting. Show and explain your children what the pyrotechnics is – tell about safe manner of its usage as well as about consequences of careless handling of fire and just enjoy together a vivid flamy show. Definitely it is better that your child learns from you about pyrotechnics rather than from other doubtful sources.

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