Roman Candles: Cheap Fireworks for Sale

    Roman Candles are sparkling pyrotechnic devices that shoot off a certain number of exploding shells in an equal time periods. These devices are made of cardboard tube with pyrotechnic mixture inside. In combusting, pyrotechnic stars with various effects are propelled out of the tube at a height of 5–40 m. As a rule, it is a sparkling or colored comets followed by sound effects like crack or hiss.
    As for the construction, Roman Candles are made of the following items:
  • Cylindrical case in the form of a thick-walled cardboard tube diameter of which has a direct effect on the height of flight of pyrotechnic devices elements;
  • Slow-burning composition. It performs a function of delay charge and is responsible for successive stars shooting;
  • Lift charge. Its function consists in propeller ejecting stars at a certain height;
  • Pyrotechnic stars are the elements made of pyrotechnic mixture producing sound and visual effect of the device.
    In their cross-section, Roman Candle is like a layer-cake designed of slow-burning and propelling mixture as well as of pyrotechnic stars. Amount of stars in such pyrotechnic device corresponds to a number of shots performed by them. There is a special stopping plug and a wick in the upper part of Roman Candle.  Such device is burned from the top to the bottom, gradually inflaming the “layers” and propelling the stars. Roman Candles, ignition of which impresses by its faery flame-colored show, can be combined with flying fireworks, rockets, fountains and other pyrotechnical devices.

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