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Protecting your pets during fireworks season

Each year some pet owners face the task of protecting their Dogs, Cats and other animals from the bangs and crackles of Bonfire Night Fireworks. Some pets on occasions require medication from their vets to help them manage the noise and stress.

Animals have extremely sensitive hearing which is why some of the loud bangs and whistles have this affect. We do sell fireworks but not with the intention of causing your pets distress, so please see the advice below to help minimise the stress:

  • Keep you dogs, cats and other pets inside before the celebrations of Bonfire Night start to take place.
  • If your pet requires walking, then try to walk them early on in the day so that you can adhere to the above point.
  • Ensure your Dogs or Cats have an ID collar or tag in case they somehow manage to escape from indoors. This way if someone finds your pet they can ensure that they are quickly and safely returned.
  • Close any windows and curtains/blinds and it is sometimes helpful to have the TV or some form of music on that will distract from the fireworks, but not too loud.
  • If possible use some old clothes or sheets that they can hide in if they wish.
  • If possible let your pet wonder the house as they may be trying to find their own safe place that enables them to stay calm.
  • Try to avoid leaving your pet alone in the house during fireworks.
  • If you buy fireworks yourself try to use them as far away from where yours and neighbours pets are staying.

Livestock (Horses and Ponies)

  • Fireworks must not be displayed near livestock inside or in fields. If you’ve bought fireworks for sale¬†and you intend to display them in rural areas then we would advise you letting neighbouring farms know your intention.
  • If you own your own horse or other livestock. Keep them in their normal surroundings and routine so they feel at ease.
  • DO NOT be in close contact with any horses or livestock during firework displays as this may cause them to act out of character

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